Accounts are available to Swinburne staff and students. Also to anyone working in the field of astronomy and space sciences and based at a publicly funded research institution within Australia. Every account must be linked to at least one project, whether that be a general access project that defines a research group or a project approved through a merit allocation scheme. International collaborators on approved projects may also apply for accounts but cannot be the lead on a research project.


To apply for an account go to our account/project request form
or contact Prof. Jarrod


The standard approach to utilising the facility is to apply for an account and then compete for time through the general access job queue. However, your account needs to be linked to a project. This is for management, reporting and file system quota purposes. In general a project can be thought of as defining a research group or department. For example, the leader of a research group would setup a project for that group at the same time as applying for an account. Students and postdocs within that group, when applying for an account, would then join that project. This will be set as the default project for that person. In practice, when logging in and submitting jobs to the general access job queue, the fact that your account is linked to a project will not have any bearing on the way that you operate. However, your allocation of disk space on the Lustre file system will be considered by project, i.e. research group. Note that students cannot be the leader of a project.

The other type of projects are those created for proposals that are granted time on the facility through a merit allocation scheme (MAS). For MAS projects a set number of resource credits are assigned (generally in terms of CPU walltime). These credits are utilised by submitting jobs to the queue but it is important that when doing this the group id is set to that of the MAS project and the MAS project is designated in the job submission script (see the Job Queue page).

Note that an account can be linked to more than one project, e.g. a default research group project and a MAS project.