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Best Poster Awards

ACAMAR 7: Australia-China Workshop on Astrophysics

Open to all PhD students:

The first two categories will be judged by a panel of experts and the final award will be judged by workshop participants.  

You can view the posters and videos here and vote for your favourite here.


Poster Guidelines

Posters for the ACAMAR 7 workshop will be presented in two formats: as standard pdfs and as short video clips. 

  1. PDF Poster 

We recommend that this be designed in landscape and with a font of sufficient size to be read when sized to a laptop screen.  

  1. Mp4 Video (optional) 

The video should be a short (approx. 3 minutes) elevator spiel about the research in your poster.  Aspect ratio should be 16:9 and resolution should be as high as possible (up to 1920 x 1080).  


Submission of Posters 

Please pay attention to your font size for the videos/jpegs.